As a country advocating freedom and romance, France has been the center of various creative activities since the Middle Ages.

The works of hundreds of French artists, philosophers, writers, historians and sociologists have become valuable inputs for the entire human civilization.

Expressing beauty with nature and deconstructing beauty with science, people continue to use new artistic inspirations in architecture, art and decoration styles.

Artists and craftsmen began to give the walls a variety of unique artistic styles, and early art paints were born from this.

Company Profile

ALONZO, from Latin

Implying aristocratic temperament, excellence and extraordinary

ALONZO art lacquer is named for inspiration, draws inspiration from nature, transforms it into the beauty of art, and creates a realm of art.

Various styles and effects satisfy your unique artistic taste, and the artistic atmosphere spreads from the wall, as if you are in the atmosphere of an art palace.

ALONZO art paint creatively integrates aesthetics and technology, bringing art into your life, creating walls or modern or classic aesthetic collisions, or warm or elegant color impact, or simple or rich texture levels, or soft or soft Cool and unique temperament.

ALONZO art paint, taste artistic life, create your own artistic and aesthetic living space

Taste art, enjoy life with quality