Is art paint really better than ordinary paint?

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Artistic paint is currently the more popular home improvement wall material; it has the advantages of rich patterns, beautiful appearance and so on.

Art paint is a new type of latex paint (common paint). Art lacquer has the characteristics of ordinary lacquer. But ordinary paints are all monochromatic, while artistic paints can be customized and rich in design. As long as you can think of, you can basically satisfy them.

However, art paint still has some disadvantages:

1. High cost

Customizable designs, rich colors and unique styles all cost money, not to mention good quality, environmental protection, waterproof and heat insulation and other characteristics. A good art paint costs about 600-700 per square meter.

2. High construction level

It is expensive to buy, and also expensive to labor. Naturally, professional and highly skilled technicians are needed. It is best that the aesthetic ability is close to personal requirements, and unlike ordinary paint or wallpaper, it can be painted or glued, otherwise the effect will not reach As expected, the construction time will be extended.

3. Difficult to repair

Different from ordinary lacquer, it has rich design colors, and a little flaw will be unbearable. A small part of the repair may cause chromatic aberration, and a large-scale repair is no longer the original pattern, and there are cost issues such as time and energy.

4. Environmental issues

You must have a full understanding of the product, such as the environmental protection logo on each barrel of art paint. Avoid inferior products, it is best to choose a big brand, and the price is also related to whether it can meet environmental protection standards.

The use of artistic lacquer decoration is indeed better, and more importantly, it can integrate the personal or family style into the decoration and become a business card for the individual or family, which is more natural and comfortable. Designer decoration projects can become a masterpiece, and home decoration can make people feel comfortable and natural when they return home.

Is art paint really better than ordinary paint? Is art paint really better than ordinary paint?